Class Party Pictures and DVDs

There will be a photographer Saturday night for the main party. She will be taking pictures of couples/individuals as they arrive, taking candid pictures throughout the night, and a class picture around 9:00. There will be a full color booklet, including contact information, as well as a DVD, available for sale from these pictures. There is an order form available at the link below that will allow you to go ahead and place orders for booklets and DVDs. Although you can place orders at the door (cash or check), to facilitate the sign in process and speed up the couple/individual photographs, we ask that you go ahead and place your orders. Orders need to be placed by October 15th. A discount will be provided for orders placed prior to October 1st.

Individual prints will be available for sale within 10 days of the reunion on the photographer's website below.

Photo Booklet/DVD/Party Photo Orders