?Missing Classmates?

This page is reserved to post a list of missing classmates. Over the next few weeks we are going to try and locate as many people as possible. Once we have exhausted our search, we will post a list of people we have been unable to locate.
Richard Allen                            
Bill Armstrong
Greg Ashcraft                            Pamela Lewis                     
Lisa Barber                                Michael Lindquist
Maria Campbell                         Michael Little
Benjamin Clack                         
Kenneth Comer                         Timothy McDaniel
Michael Davis                            Terry Mitchell
Carlos Dortch                            Kimberly Moore
Tim Foster                                  Leslie Polk
Lori Garrison                            Connie Rix
Donald Gibson                           Stephanie Roark
Michael Gibson                         Ramsey Swoopes
Pelmar Jarmon                          Heath Waddell
Jeanne Johnson                         
Bryan Johnson                          Bridget Wiggins
Margie Jordan                           Nesby Williams
James Kennedy                          
Charlotte Lake                          Candi Workman
These invitations were returned so we have more missing classmates that we would really appreciate your help in locating.
They are:
Partick Dawson                        
Alice Metcalf
Derrick Brown           
Dusty Alred                        
Terri Blair
Brent Davis
Theresa Aycock
Kevin Benoit
Kelli Francis
Dean McCann
Kembra Daggs
Anthony James
David Grisham
Bart Blume
Robbie Shankle
Victoria Terry